DJ DefJam
Already at the age of eight years, he discovered that there’s only one worthwhile love --- music.
Fascinated From Public Enemy, Dr.Dre, N.W.A to diverse Techno acts, he got pretty enthusiastic and it didn’t take him long to work with turntables for the very first time and to fine-tune his scratches and backspins.
On his own admission, he never would have thought that this was the beginn
ing of his professional career. To be honest, it was a rapid development and the list of appreciable clubs and locations in berlin became longer and longer: Asphalt, 40Seconds, Felix, Maxxim, Diamonds(Köln) --- to name but a few. They all were delighted with his incredible work, skills and competence. Bottle popping and hot, scantily dressed girls, who dance to the beats and wait impatiently for the next masterstroke of DJ DefJam.
An evening with this DJ from Berlin is the next level of party and you won’t believe your eyes and especially your ears! wink Even B-Tight and Harris can testify to this. Furthermore, DJ DefJam also attracts VIPs like the German porn star Vivian Schmitt and Hot-Rod (G-Unit). It’s really pretty easy to convince party people of his perfect mix of Hip Hop, R’n’B, Dirty House and Clubsounds.
As a matter of fact, even prominent figures like G-Unit, Coolio, Shadyville, Unter Druck or MC Reen wanted the sympathetic Berliner to put on some music at their aftershow parties --- it was a success all along the line.
DJ DefJam never was satisfied by only being an artist. So he became, along with Kelly, cofounder of the legendary Black Parties of Jump Off, Manager and director of the most treasured vinyls in the city.
Some claim that they would master the turntables, but DJ DefJam is a brand. The love for his music is written all over his face and that’s what makes him so unique. He brings the flavor of the States to Berlin---so watch out---you won’t go home before the sun comes up !
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